Rain Alert

With the current climate changes there will be times when the rainwater level will drop dramatically. Crystal Clear recommend the use of Rain Harvester Rain Alert which features a Liquid Crystal Display panel on the receiver that gives a continuous indication of the water level of your tank. To ensure that you have plenty of warning before your rainwater tank is empty a Rain Alert enables you to change to Town water as necessary.

A transmitter is fitted to the top of the tank and uses ‘ultrasonics’ to measure the level of fluid in the tank/s. A reading of this level is then transmitted to the Receiver which is plugged into a powerpoint at a convenient location. When the tank drops below a pre-determined level a Tank Fill picture flashes on the panel. If the tank drops further then a red warning light begins to flash indicating that the tank is almost empty. If you have town water fitted with a top-up device to your tank or a mains water ‘switching’ device, then the red light warning light indicates that it is likely that mains water is already in use.