Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning have been cleaning and maintaining rainwater tanks in Adelaide, surrounding suburbs and the Adelaide Hills for over 35 years.

For healthy, clean rainwater it is very important to have your rainwater tank cleaned every 12 months. Keeping your gutters free of dirt, moss, bird feathers, insects and vermin, greatly improves your system but contaminants still get through to the tank. Regular 12 monthly cleaning by Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning Specialists will provide the necessary maintenance to keep your rainwater tank free of these contaminants.

Pollutants accumulate on the roof and in guttering before being washed into your rainwater tank. As these pollutants decompose a thick layer of sludge type sediment is created which pollutes the water. This sludge offers the perfect environment for a host of harmful organisms.

Over time the leaves and debris enter the tank and begin to de-compose, like compost, on the bottom of the tank, sometimes turning the water a stained brown colour. This, in turn, greatly affects the drinking quality and health factors of the water. These contaminants increase the acidity in the water causing early rusting in galvanized tanks and also creates greater levels of algae in polyethylene tanks. Having suspended particles in a glass of water or settling in you bath is a direct result from insufficient maintenance.