Having a rainwater tank today is an essential addition to every home however to maximize the benefits it is important to ensure that it is working efficiently and maintaining good health.

Leaf litter, insects, bird and animal droppings etc are constantly falling and decomposing on your roof. When it rains water slowly builds up in the roof’s gutters before flowing down the downpipe. As a result this first flush of water contains a multitude of contaminants, including water borne heavy metals and chemical residues, which are then incorporated into the water system. Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning Specialists recommend the installation of a Rain harvesting Water Diverter which diverts these pollutants, with the use of a dependable ball and seat system, into a special chamber which can then, after rain has stopped, be fed into your existing irrigation system via a slow release valve. The way the diverter works is by allowing the first flow water to rise in the diverter chamber. The chamber diverter holds a ball which, as the water rises, floats and when full ensures the ball is resting on a seat inside the diverter chamber creating a seal and preventing any diverted water leaking into the storage tank. The subsequent water flow is sent directly into the water tank.