Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “My water comes out clean, so it probably doesn’t need cleaning”
A: The water may be clear but this is no indication of the state of your tank.  Your rainwater tank should be checked every 12 months to monitor tank condition and regularly remove any unwanted contaminants.  In the unfortunate event that a bird or other vermin enter your tank and die, the earliest detection could avert the risk of ill health to not only yourself but also to others.

Q: “My tank only needs to be cleaned every 3 years or so.”
A: For Year 1, the corrosion process is steadily eating away at the internal coating of your tank and is greatly accelerated by impurities left in the water.  Dust storms and leaf fall are a yearly occurrence and cause unseen damage to the inside of the tank.  Within a space of 3-5 years the whole internal coating can be eaten away leaving the inside of the tank rusty.  For the time being, your water may come out clear, however, bacteria levels can increase at risk of your health.

Q: “My filter keeps my water clean.”
A: Whilst many filters hold back the leaves, they fail to prevent them from breaking up and entering the tank in a finer form that tends to float on the surface of the water.  It is actually the finer floating debris that most aggressively rusts the walls of the tank.  Almost all filters are unable to stop roof wash-off and silt from passing through.  Our cleaning process removes this debris from the surface as well as the silt from the bottom of the tank and helps prevent deterioration of water quality.

Q: “If the water is dirty I can just empty the water out the tap and catch the next clean rainfall.”
A:Emptying the water does very little and has no effect on cleaning your tank.  It does, however, have the effect of spreading more surface debris in contact with the lower sides of the tank allowing it to stick causing corrosion further down the walls. None of the sediment is removed from the bottom of the tank as it is below the tap level. The introduction of fresh water only becomes contaminated by the the sludge and debris still present

Q: “I don’t want to lose all my precious rainwater.”
A: All the precious rainwater is kept in your tank and only the rubbish is removed in the cleaning process.  However hanging on to water in very poor condition, only serves to contaminate the incoming fresh water.