Leaf Filters

Falling leaves, twigs and other debris can build up in gutters and become a fire and/or flood hazard. Early rain heads were developed to create a break between the downpipe and gutter so as to prevent water backing up in a blocked downpipe and causing flooding to the inside of the roof or building. There are now a range of rain heads available that incorporate a number of storm water filtration and deflection aids.

Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning recommend Rain Harvesting Leaf Eaters as they feature multiple screens to deflect leaves and debris away from the flow of water and keep mosquitoes and vermin out of the pipe system. Leaf Eaters improve rainwater quality as well as reduce tank maintenance. They are both efficient and ideal for fitting to each downpipe that is connected to water storage tanks.

The use of gutter mesh along with leaf filters greatly reduces the possibility of pollutants from entering your water tank therefore improving water quality and reducing maintenance. Gutter mesh further prevents debris building up in the gutters which slowly deteriorates the gutter and provides a breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are responsible for passing on an alarming number of diseases to humans.

Blue Mountain Mesh is an excellent all steel gutter mesh with a 12 year guarantee and is available in a wide range of colour options.