Tank Cleaning

Rainwater collected from the roof is often falsely perceived as fresh pure water. Whilst rain may not contain the same chemicals that river water or bore water may, it can easily become contaminated once rainwater is collected on the roof and distributed into the tank. Water collected from the roof can sometimes be contaminated with animal faeces, leaves, dusts and other debris or foreign bodies, especially following long dry weather spells. If your rain water is yellow or brown in colour or has an odd taste or smell to it then there is no doubt the tank water is tainted and the tank requires cleaning.

Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning Specialists clean out all types of water storage tanks including concrete, plastic, poly, fibreglass, & galvanised iron. Crystal Clear Tank Cleaning have specific equipment which allows sludge decomposing on the bottom of your water tank to be removed even if the tank is full. Screens fitted over the tank inlets are also cleaned.